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About Us

About Us

We a leading company in Custom Design Food Paper Packaging.

  • We provide services such as; Market Development, Customized Packaging, Graphic Design, Product Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Inventory Planning, Storage and Door to Door delivery
  • Quality Products such as; Direct food contact packaging, direct applicable in Microwave Oven, Conventional Oven, Freezer, Chiller, Holding Cabinet, Open case Chiller
  • Packaging are Custom designed according to customers' needs. 
  • Varieties of Generic Boxes, Self-Heating Packaging, Heat-Seal Packaging, On-The-Go Packaging, In-Flight Packaging, Frozen Process Food, Fast Food, Bakery Bags, Confectioneries, Burger Wrappers, Silicon Liner, Food Bag, Cake Boxes, Roasting Bags, Pharmaceutical Packaging and many more.


  • OUR SERVICES is from Development, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and sure delivery. (Local & Export market)
  • WE SPECIALIZED in Certified High Quality Graded Paper packaging. For the application of MICROWAVE and OVEN use. SGS tested for suitability for high temperature applications (overall migration test in Food stimulant, 30 minutes in 180C) For the application of FREEZER and CHILLER use. Is suitable for packaging dry, aqueous and fatty foods, including frozen food at Temperatures down to 30C. 
  • OUR PACKAGING are used in Airlines, Frozen Food production for Local & Export market, Café, Fast Food Kiosk, Food Processor and Bakery.
  • ANOTHER PACKAGING LINE – is also used in Personal Care, Skin Care, Roasting bags, Pharmaceutical, etc. For further information or samples, kindly contact us at +6012-556 4156 (WhatsApp) / marketing@mmkglo.com.my

Our Product Range :

  • Lunch Box 
  • Heat Seal Lunch Box
  • Salad Box
  • Sandwich Box
  • Chocolate Box
  • Heat Seal Sandwich Box
  • Pillow Box
  • Carrier Box
  • Pizza Box
  • Cake Box
  • Muffin Box
  • Tulip Muffin Cup
  • Baking Tray
  • Food Bag & Pouch 
  • Confectionery
  • Sleeves 
  • Food Trays
  • Burger Pockets
  • Burger Wrapper
  • Fries Pockets
  • Etc